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Statesboro Market2Go:  Farm Fresh Local Eggs!

Order before 10 on Tuesday night!

This week we’re highlighting our egg-celent recipes that use our local, farm raised, free range eggs!

Try egg-xperimenting with a few dishes like:

  • Shakshuka, a spicy North African and Middle Eastern breakfast dish that uses eggs, bell peppers, and tomatoes
  • Omelets made with mushrooms, goat cheese, and zucchini
  • Ultra-easy Curried Egg Salad to add a twist of spice to your lunch with ginger, green onions, and honey
  • Or a full French Toast breakfast with classic sides like grits, coffee, bacon, and jam!

Click to order at Market2Go!

Fayetteville Farmers' Market:  Reminder Online Ordering Open Until Wed 6 AM

This is just a reminder that you still have time to order! You may order until 6 am Wednesday morning. If you ordered, we thank you!

Order at:

Remember we offer easy drive by pickup Thursday afternoons at the Fayetteville library for some of your favorite fresh locally grown and locally made products.


A variety of fresh produce and herb items are still available! Plus meat, eggs, baked goods, honey, craft items and locally produced food items.

Pickup at the library is 4:30-5:30 Thursday. If you already know you can’t pick up then, email us asap at this address as soon as you order and we will work with you on a plan.

Questions? Reply to this email and we will get back to you. Or call or text 479-935-5111.

There is also a delivery option for Fayetteville addresses. Request it by following the directions on your emailed order confirmation and do that asap or by no later than 9am Thursday. Be sure to send your request to Seeds That Feed (see instructions on the email confirmation of your order) since they set up the deliveries.

Thank you.

Siloam Springs, AR:  The Online Market is Open!

We are so excited to see you in person this Saturday at the promenade! Come by Saturday between 8am-12pm to see what all of our vendors have been preparing for you. We will also have great live music from 9am-11pm. Online market is still available as well. You can order from now until Thursday at 5pm, with pick up happening at the concession stand next to the promenade on Saturday morning. We look forward to seeing you.

Lathemtown Farm Fresh Market:  This Week at the Market

Have you seen that forecast? We’ve got 70’s as the highs towards the end of this week! I’m so excited for that as the heat has really been brutal for working outside! I still have lots of work to do to remove summer plants and prepare to plant fall plants. Thankfully, the greenhouse has maintained a good growing temp for all our seeds. We’ve got lots of squash varieties – buttercup, butternut, delicata, zucchini, and patty pan, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, bok choy, spinach, kale, chard, and lots of lettuce varieties. We should have lots of fresh goodness to keep us going through the chilly months.
This week, we have Jennifer’s new batches of soaps – a few with goat’s milk as requested. Check out her page here:

We will be refilling the apple baskets again this week and transitioning to fall baking and recipes. Also, we’re bringing back our full soup options of 4 per week.

We have added a preorder for an advent calendar that will become a family heirloom to cherish and hand down. Mine is over 50 years old and goes out every year on December 1st! Handcrafted by my Nana, it was sold in her church group Christmas Bazaar. Order and pay a minimum of 50% now and it will be ready for pick up by Thanksgiving when the balance will be due.

Have a wonderful week!
Farmher Chef Amy

Champaign, OH:  Monday Love!

Show yourselves a bit of love, this week, and remember to get your weekly orders in!

You will be so happy, on Thursday, when you know you have an order waiting!!

Cosmic Pam

You see it’s getting late
Oh, please don’t hesitate
Put a little love in your hear…
(Put A Little Love In Your Heart-Jackie DeShannon)

Stones River Market:  REMINDER -- Still time to get your order in by 10pm

Still time to get your order in or add to your current order. Market will close 10pm TONIGHT!


Market opens September 10th Sunday 8:00 AM and Closes Monday Setember 11th at 10PM.

The Market will always open SUNDAY at 8 AM with or without Weblog. Weblog may occasional be delayed.

Thank you for supporting our local farmers, bakers and craftsmen.
We will look forward seeing you Wednesday September 13th on the porch of
Quinn’s Mercantile from 5:00 – 6:15pm when you pick up your order.

PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WILL BE LATER THAN 6:15..we can make arrangements for you to pickup your order.

Check out our Markets Craft Section, several useful items especially the theraputic beads from Bead Wench, Thweatt Things has added new items, Periwinkle and Pine has beautiful wreaths for every season.

If you know a Crafter and would like to be part of the market, please contact me. Fall if approaching fast and Holiday Season is right around the corner, easy shopping for gifts on the Market.

Growers News:

Welcome Sunshine Farm, starting this week with fresh farm eggs…more items to come…believe me – many of you will be very happy!! It’s still a secret!

Quarter Spring Farm: is proud to present pounds and pounds of perfectly pastured poultry products for your palate’s pleasure. Our scintillating skin softening soaps are suavely secented and smell supberb. We also have lamb products.

Arrington Farm: Welcome back to the market with their delicious breads.

Thweatt Things: The start-up of school means more time to sew and I’m doing just that. This fall I’m featuring handmade Egg-gathering Aprons in both adult and kids sizes. These are made from 100% cotton, pre-washed and machine washable and dryable for easy care. The pockets for the eggs are large enough to accommodate a larger egg (like a duck egg) or a couple of hen eggs. These could also be useful for crafting or any other activity where small pockets might come in handy. Check out my posts for pricing info. I can also customize them for you if you’d like a matching adult/child combo. Thanks for looking.

Lavendar Cottage: We have add some increased sizes! Delicious snack to lunch bags and just a mid-day treat….This week we are bring some Freeze Dried candies into the market along with our Freeze dried fruits and veggies. If anyone is looking for a particular freeze dried candy please by all means send me an email and I’ll do my best to have them available for next week. Freeze Dried Cantaloupe Bites, Golden Watermelon Bites, Gummy Geeks (Originally Nerd Gummy clusters), Dried Jalapeno Pepper, Dried Mixed Color Bell Pepper, Dried Rancher Puffs (Originally Jolly Ranches), Dried Scuttles (originally Skittles), Dried Strawberry Bites, Dried Sun Kist Cherry Tomatoes, Dried Taphy Bombs (aka Originally Salt Water Taffy), Dried Tomatoes and Dried Watermelon Bites.

Rainbow Hill Farm: Apples are coming in, this week we have Gingergold, and Yellow Delicious, all available in various sizes. Nothing like a delicious crisp apple during the hot weather! We also have our popular large cabbages, just a few this week but will have more in the coming weeks.

Pinky’s Micros: You are missing out if you don’t eat these greens…healthy..put them in a smoothy, top you salads or sandwich, make rollups….Microgreens pack 40x more vital nutrients than their mature counterparts. Extremely dense in vital enzymes, minerals, vitamins, omega, and high does of chlorophyll. There aren’t many foods you could eat that are that packed of nutrients and harvested a day before delivery for freshness.
Put them on your sandwiches, top your salads, or use them in place of lettuce.*

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse: we have a large assortment of Fresh to cut herbs: Greek Oregano, Sweet Basil, Julep Mint, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Mixed Thyme, Orange Mint, Pepperment, Rosemary, Sage, Spearment and several herb plants you can plant at your home.

Yentz Family Farm: Several varieties of fresh cut herbs available this week. We have several items to select from but this week we would like to highlight our delicious Hand Pies, choose from Peach, Blueberry or Apple! Order single or a combo. Delicious with morning coffee or just a snack during the day. We have several delicious vegetables this week available, Cherokee Waxed Beans, Blue Lake Beans and Red Burgundy Beans, these are available by the pound and we offer a TRIO of all three. Jalapeno, Serrano and Anaheim Green Chili hot peppers to spice things up.

Flying S Farms: Our fall/winter produce are coming in Acorn Squash, Delicata, Spaghetti, Carnival, been great weather for our Yellow Straightneck Squash and Zucchini. Peaches and Cream Corn, Melons and Fall Greens. Several baked breads are available along with brownies and Friendship Breads (Sweet Pound Cake).

We look forward seeing you “On the Porch or At the Curb" of Quinn’s Mercantile WEDNESDAY, September 13th from 5:00 – 6:15 pm, please contact the Manager if you are unable to pick up your order or are running late, please phone, email or text the Manager (615.542.1078) so we can make arrangements to get your order to you.

We will always try and reach you as a reminder about your order, we can make arrangements for you to get your order to you. ""If we do not hear from you, your order will be donated and you will be invoiced for the amount of your order"". We still need to pay our Growers for their products. Remember we do have Delivery Service. If you think you will be later than 6:00 pm, when our Delivery Staff begins delivering orders, please contact us, so we can make arrangements with you.

How to contact us:
Locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on Wednesday

Brassell’s Sprouts Market:  Reusable Bags

Thank you all so much for supporting Brassell’s Sprouts and your local growers.

Tomorrow is pick up day, and I am needing to make an adjustment. Instead of picking up your order in boxes, I am asking that all customers please bring a reusable grocery bag. I will have your order ready and bundled in a crate, and will help you load your bag.

I will have plastic grocery sacks available for those who do not have a reusable bag.

Thank you again!!

Fayetteville Farmers' Market:  Online Ordering NOW OPEN

Online ordering is open now open!!! Closing is 6am on Wed morning.

Order at:


A&A has even more apple varieties plus delicious Magness pears this week.

Charlie’s Vegetables, Lee Family, Rainbow, Rutherford Farm and Sunny Acres are off this week.

AVAILABLE: Peppers in a rainbow of sizes, shapes and colors this week: red, orange and green…and you can find spicy peppers too. Potatoes of all colors and tastes, garlic, fresh basil and rosemary, cherry tomatoes, parsley, red and yellow onions. The list is a little shorter as our growers transition from summer into fall crops. Be sure to check throughout the week as growers will often add product as it becomes available.

OTHER GOOD THINGS AVAILABLE: eggs, meats, baked goods, honey, locally made food products, craft items, and other goodies.

PICKUP TIME THURSDAY September 14 is 4:30-5:30. Note: if you already know that you cannot make it by 5:30 pm and you want to order this week, just reply to this email or text 479-935-5111 and we will work with you on a plan.

Our online market offers some great ideas for gift giving: handcrafted leather goods, locally sewn fabric items, art prints and more!

Our bakers have sweet treats, pastries, breads, granola and other goodies.

Special dietary needs? Check out our vegan products. We speak from personal experience that all of these items are delicious and would please anyone no matter what their dietary needs are.

A UNIQUE GIFT: how about a certificate for local knife sharpening services? Can be redeemed at a local drop off location.

SEARCHING TIP: On large categories such as baked goods or meats click on the category to get a drop down of specific items in that category.

HOW TO CHECK ITEMS FROM A PARTICULAR SELLER? Scroll down on left side until you see “show specific growers”. If all the boxes are checked, you can click on “reverse all” then click the boxes on or off of those sellers you want to see. Then click “show specific growers” again.

BUYING TIP: If you see items that you want but not much available, order and pay and then log back in and continue shopping. Your orders will be combined and you will only be charged once.


SNAP CUSTOMERS ONLY: you may choose pay at pickup and bring your EBT card on Thursday. We will swipe your card and match up to $100 of your order. NOTE: please do not bring tokens or match cards to pickup at the online market.

NOTE: New customers and orders always welcome—no minimum order required, no weekly order required.


1) Sellers sometimes add more products later in the ordering period, so be sure to check back. The product list changes each week, even from the same seller, so it’s worth exploring the categories you are interested in.

2) Multiple orders from you at different times will be automatically combined into one order before pickup and you will only be charged once.

The OUTDOOR parking area at the south end of the new part of the Fayetteville Public Library. Follow the line of cars towards the building and stay in your car in line while we get your order.

Thank you for your continued support of the online market.

Reply to this email if you have questions

Foothills Market:  The Market is Open!

Want some of the fresh cucumbers on Foothills Market but are so busy you’re afraid they will go bad before you can get to them? Pickle them! There are plenty of pickle recipes, ranging from traditional canned recipes to the super-easy, really-quick recipes for refrigerator pickles.

Shop for cucumbers and more on the market this week between now and 5:00 p.m. Wednesday. We’ll have your order ready for pickup on Thursday – just in time for some weekend pickle-making!

Eat something fresh this week!

Russellville Community Market:  9/10/23 closing

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the “Place My Order” button once you have completed your shopping. You will receive a confirmation email.

Don’t forget to check out the extras when you pick up your order from 4-7 PM on Tuesday at the Downtown Russellville Train Depot.

It’s chicken week! Remember to get your Christal Fields chicken this week, or you will have to wait until next month… There are plenty of delicious meats available! RCM is very proud to offer such a diverse selection to our customers! Try some ground chicken from Christal Fields (or any of their whole muscle or bone-in products), get premium cuts of beef (like the eye of round roast pictured above from R&D) or taste the difference with heritage breed pork from Porch Swing Farms! Help us welcome Pawpaw’s Pecans to the RCM family this week! You can try his locally grown pecans, pecan smoked BBQ sauce or homemade fudge! If you are looking for healthy substitutions for your meal planning, take a look at the recipes for soybeans on B&B Legacy’s website! They have tons of proven recipes and interesting ways to use their products! Meadowlark Valley has Garlic and Herb Fromage Blanc dip and Mediterranean herb cheese this week plus their candles, beauty products, condiments and baked goods like their cheddar garlic biscuits! Remember your four-legged friends with pet treats from McAnulty Mercantile, Porch Swing Farms or Treat Street Pet Bakery! The Thomas Family has a fresh batch of jalapeno jelly ready to enjoy or you can shop the jams and jellies category for your favorite flavors! Connor’s Garden and Sweets has all kinds of cookies and Kaitlyn’s Sweets and Treats has many flavors of cupcakes for your sweet tooth! Victoria’s Little Bread House is planning to be at RCM during order pickup this Tuesday to share samples of her baked goodies and talk to customers! She has added sourdough peanut butter cookies to the market this week and her crackers, focaccia, and sandwich bread are a big hit so far! Shop Drewry’s amazing array of pumpkins and winter squashes to create awesome fall decorations that are totally edible and nutritious! Choose your favorite heirloom varieties like Sucrine Du Berry butternut or newer varieties like Frost or Mashed Potato! Hoof Hollow Hobbies still has some okra available; be sure to take a look at their beautifully handcrafted greeting cards on the extras table each week! Their cards are lovely and more affordable than cards in the big stores! Get the best local groceries, gifts, treats, and more at RCM each week!
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

REMINDER- We can no longer accept credit or debit cards. We will still be able to process cash, checks and SNAP/EBT transactions.

Check back frequently as our farmers regularly update what they have available. Multiple orders are encouraged. :)

Russellville Community Market